Change – The Glow Of Love

Change – The Glow Of Love lyrics

Flower’s bloomin’, mornin’ dew
And the beauty seems to say
It’s a pleasure when you treasure
All that’s new and true and gay

Easy livin’ and we’re givin’
What we know we’re dreamin’ of
We are one havin’ fun
Walkin’ in the glow of love

Walking, ooh, whoa, ho oh whoa

Smilin’ faces, goin’ places
It’s a wonder, it’s so clear
By a fountain, climbin’ mountains
As we’ll hold each other near

Sippin’ wine, we try to find
That special magic from above
As we share our affair
Talkin’ in the glow of love

Oh, oh, ooh
In the glow of love
Ooh, ooh, ooh

(Here in glow of love)
You’re a shinin’ star
(Here in glow of love)
No matter who you are
(Here in glow of love)
So I want to let you know you move me, yeah, yeah

(There is no better way to be)
Hold me, caress me
(I’m yours forever and a day)
We are a sweet bouquet, hey, hey
(Seasons for happiness are here)
Can you feel it all around you?
(Reason we’re filled with cheer is we’re in rapture it in the glow of love)

Ooh ooh ooh ooh oh

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